Good God!

         Boy, you certainly can say that again.

This is a really nice picture of God but the artist, whoever he was, really goofed. He shows the Face of God when it actually should've been shrouded in darkness.

At last look there were 745,000,000 Web Page results about God. (You can look it up if you question my integrity.)

There are also 118,000,000 postings about God on Google as well as another 36,400,000 different postings to Google Groups.

I hate to say this but every single one of them is wrong or misguided. The people posting have absolutely no idea who God IS and what He's all about. This includes The Pope, the TV preacher$ and the people who wrote The Bible, the Gospels and other Holy Books.

For one thing, God isn't like your typical trillionaire, with his nose held high and the concern for MAKING MORE MONEY the only blessed thing on his mind.

Actually, I've learned that God is smart as a whip, extremely humble and an exceptionally nice Guy Who's really down-to-earth. And don't forget, you're not only a chip off the Old Block but He's also your very best friend.

Hell, God has given us so much. He's allowed us a physical existence and an abundance of wonderful things that have made us something very, very special in creation.

It's amazing, really, that He takes in stride the awful truth that so many of us DENY He exists, that we -- all of us -- have come along by pure chance despite the astronomical odds against it.

Consequently, I often wonder why God doesn't throw more darts -- lightning strikes -- at His critics (the atheists, the agnostics, the evolutionists) since their brains are too close to their rectum.

The only reasonable answer, I would think, is that -- among His many attributes -- God must really have thick skin.

Once upon a time a poster to sarcastically wrote that I -- yours truly Ed Conrad -- have skin "thicker than a concrete rhinoceros." I'm pretty sure, in God's case, it's got to be even thicker.

The only person I've known who has met God and conversed with Him is David Fellin, one of the two coal miners who were entombed 14 days during a cave-in near Hazleton, Pa., in August 1963.

By now you should well remember the story . . . when, after a few days and all hope of rescue was gone, Pope John XXIII -- who died 10 weeks before the cave-in -- appeared to both men at the same time and remained with them until Hank Throne, then Fellin were pulled to the surface through a bore hole.

While trapped deep underground -- before miraculous contact was made with the two miners by the rescue team on the surface -- Fellin had many out-of-body experiences.

The first two were shared by both Fellin and Throne, corroborated by independent interviews they had given to the Associated Press and the U.S. Navy Survival Team on the day they were rescued.


David Fellin and Hank Throne, freshly shaven, shake hands in the hospital just hours after they were rescued


Hank Throne was interviewed first . . .                                                  Dave Fellin was quesioned about what Throne had revealed

Amazingly, the men revealed that they had conversed while out of their bodies.

Later, Fellin went it alone.

Imagine how surprised he must've been to find himself aboard Columbus' ship en route to discovering America, testifying later that he saw good ol' Chris using a compass (which up until about that time was considered nothing more than a child's toy).

Another was watching the Egyptian pyramids being constructed, explaining that no multi-ton rocks were transported to the site but, instead, were made from what appeared to be cement right where they are today. He also said extraterrestrials were supervising the construction of the pyramids.

Fellin also revealed -- years before the Hubble -- that he knew for a fact that there are more stars and planets in the universe "than there are grains of sand on all of the beaches in the world."

I think this Hubble photo proves it (each bit of light is a galaxy.)

Fellin also revealed that there are human beings just like us scattered throughout the seen and unseen universe -- and added, sort of like icing on the cake, that he actually was taken to one of these planets and saw for himself that it contained human life.

But Fellin's highlight undoubtedly was being in the company of "The Man Whose Face I Couldn't See."

He said "The Man" was normal in every way except that he couldn't see His Face because it was always shrouded in darkness.

However, once he knew for sure who He was -- Our Creator -- he began calling him Pop.

"Pop," Fellin said he later asked Him. "Why can't I see Your Face?"

He said God told him that by revealing HIs face, it would stereotype Him, and He wanted it known that He can enter the body of anyone at any time -- rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

This is why we've got to treat our fellow man with kindness and respect, said Fellin, because -- Who knows? -- we might be dealing DIRECTLY with God.


"The Man" also told Fellin that He is a member of a family of Gods who live in a physical body on a planet countless light years from earth. Each God -- every member of His family -- is responsible for a section of the unfathomable universe,

He explained that His physical body has its limitations but He conquers time and space by traveling as a spirit, requiring only a split-second to be anywhere HE wants to be.

He also revealed that He doesn't judge us when we die -- after we depart our physical existence -- but emphasized that we're judged by our contemporaries while we were on earth.

Fellin also had learned that no one burns in a place called hell, which DOES exist because he said he saw it. Our punishment, if we deserve it, is being ostracized by friends and family for the disgraceful things we had done against them -- most often behind their back -- while in the physical realm.

Obviously, there are much worse punishment for tyrants and truly evil people who must pay a much higher price for their sins against humanity. But even they never feel the heat of hell (although they might wish THAT was the price they had to pay).

Fellin was asked how He felt being in God's company and his answer was much more than we can ever wish.

"I loved my own father with my whole heart," he remarked. "Being in the company of God gave me the very same feeling."


I would like to add the following (which is on tape):

"Dave, would you be willing to place your hand on the Holy Bible and swear that everything you have told me is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you, God.

"YES! Every word is true, exactly as it happened, And, if you put 10 Bibles in front of me, I'll swear on the 10 of them at the same time."


Fellin swears on The Bible that every word he has revealed is the truth.

Fellin holds a copy of the Los Angeles Times heralding that the miners were alive. He also holds a copy of the front page of the London Evening News --the largest newspaper in the world at the time -- from the day he and Throne were rescued.


This is a copy of the telegram the miners received from President John F. Kennedy who would be assassinated three months later.


Hank Throne holds an edition of the Hazleton (Pa.) Standard-Speaker from the day he and Fellin were rescued.


Fellin tells his remarkable story to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, considered the world's leading authority on death and dying and the author of several books. She was the very first person in all of medicine to claim there IS life after physical death. Kubler-Ross said she believed "every word."


Fellin takes -- and passes -- a polygraph test. ((Actually, he had taken two separate tests and passed both with flying colors.)


Dave Fellin and Ed Conrad stand near the tombstone erected in memory of Louis Bova, the third miner who died as a result of the cave-in. Fellin and Throne were buried some 340 feet underground for 14 days.




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